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English English meets American English in the dynamic dance music duo that hit the scene with full force in 2010.

The duo is made up of Christopher Garrido and Jamie Skehan. The two met online back in 2009 and their first collaboration ‘Hold On’ was signed to Bonzai Digital along with two other smashing tracks including their dance floor smasher ‘Wasting Time’.

Cuban American Christopher Garrido (aka C-Gar) has been producing dance music since 2002. His productions skills combined with hard progressive style drums and bass provide the foundation of the Garrido & Skehan sounds.

Englishman Jamie Skehan brings a fresh perspective to the G&S sound. His raw musical talent and keen production ear provide some of the best melodies and uplifting feelings heard in the dance scene today.

Garrido & Skehan have recently signed a second single ‘Miami at Midnight’ to Hardwired Productions. Due for release March 2011. They are constantly refining their sound and have a wealth of dance floor hits in the works. Stay tuned…!

Peter has been interested in music since his early childhood. Many years ago, he came across a CD which contained the ‘Fast Tracker 2’ music designer program, and he loved it immediately! He started to compose his own music and he was more and more into composing music on the computer in detail. His attention was drawn by the then electronic music, mainly the early trance and its direct trends. “I listened to the compositions and mixes of Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Tiesto with admiration, and I became more and more certain that I would like to do the same!”

Year by Year the technic has improved a lot, and more and more developed hardware’s   and software’s came, so Peter was able to compose better numbers and he began to shape his own musical taste as well. His music obviously follows and reflects the world of trance.

“Meanwhile I met Jontech, a really talented trance producer, and we found out, that if we combine our ideas, we could make interesting tracks, so a little later we settle down to business in the studio and we put together our first song called ‘Sorba’. We got a lot of positive feedback, and Hardwired Productions soon licensed it, so this record appeared in the first releases of the label. We’re planning to work on together on further common songs.”

Peter started to attract attention, and remix requests started to arrive. He was asked to make a remix of Majai – Lightwave, which was also processed by other famous producers, such as: Airbase, Mike Foyle and Kenneth Thomas.

“Besides making remixes I work on my own songs as well, so you will be able to hear some of my new records in the near future!“

MK discovered his passion for electronic music back in the early 90's. After a few years of frequenting clubs in the Washington, DC area, it was time to begin learning the DJ craft behind the decks. MK states that 'When I first started I hang out in clubs and notice the ways of some DJs how they could take the mood of the crowd in different directions, and how they could make someones night by playing an awesome set.I thought that this is what I wanted to be part of'.

MK then picked up a couple of turntables and started spinning local parties and in smaller clubs.

One thing that he noticed was that with the average party he would have to mix it up with hip hop and other styles just to be able to spin house, euro, and techno. This would only be realized later that when he was able to move and uplift a local party that this was the training ground for production and he would refine his ear for creating songs with elements of what people love.

In 2001/2002 MK met Anna and began collaborating to form the team MAJAI. In 2002, Steven Melrose of Leftwing Recordings took notice of the potential of MAJAI. (Steven discovered the electronic artist Crystal Method). He introduced MAJAI to some other artists but due to changes in the labels musical focus nothing was released. Although this was a minor setback much was learned and benefited from the contacts made. In 2003/2004 Majai focused on performing and DJ gigs.

Anna Sennikova as her name would suggest is Russian and is from Minsk, Belarus. Anna grew up becoming involved in music through the choir in grade school, and further studying music throughout her early school years. Her parents invested in a piano for Anna and this led to Anna further developing her craft. Encouraged of her musical talents by her parents, Anna began composing songs at a very early age; some songs of which are still only on paper and yet to be recorded and ultimately released. Anna met MK in Washington, DC in the fall of 2001. The two immediately hit if off in the studio and began collaborating.

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